Project Roadmap

WhoisCard v2 is a great tool to help you find your domain's
and create a social media card with your domain's whois record.

Upcoming Features

  1. Square card image for social media posts (1080x1080)
    Enhance social media visibility with tailored images.
  2. AI Integration for creating social media posts
    Utilize artificial intelligence to automate and optimize content creation.
  3. Bulk download for card images
    Easily download multiple card images at once, improving efficiency for users managing numerous domains.
  4. Bulk upload for domain lists
    Streamline the process of adding domains to the WhoisCard platform with a bulk upload feature.
  5. Notifications for expiring dates and dropping
    Stay informed with automated notifications for domain expirations and critical dates.

Feedback & Contributions

Your feedback is crucial to the success of WhoisCard. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please let us know: