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WhoisCard v2 is a great tool to help you find your domain's
and create a social media card with your domain's whois record.

About WhoisCard Sponsorship

At WhoisCard, we are pioneering unique and progressive solutions in the domain tool industry. As a start-up, we are at the forefront of developing innovative tools that serve as foundational technologies for a variety of domain-related projects.

Since 2013, our team has been dedicated to a project known as "doyosi", which has cultivated extensive expertise and a robust infrastructure in the domain sales market. This experience underpins the development of WhoisCard, ensuring a reliable and cutting-edge product.

The Need for Support

No project can thrive in isolation, especially in the face of global economic challenges and local market conditions. For WhoisCard to continue its growth and contribute effectively to the domain industry, we are actively seeking partnerships and sponsorships.

Supporting WhoisCard does not only benefit a single project. It extends to enhancing a broader ecosystem of domain tools, potentially revolutionizing the way domain markets operate.

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Your sponsorship will enable us to innovate further, expand our reach, and continue our commitment to excellence in the domain tools sector. We invite you to become part of a movement that shapes the future of domain management and sales.

We value every form of support, and we believe that together, we can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success in the digital age.